The world's leading provider of AIoT services

Bring together global network operators, hardware manufacturers, platform developers, system integrators and service providers to create ICBAG smart bag to promote and empower the era of intelligent Internet of things


To the world's leading business card printing technology and production equipment for any place in the world to provide high quality high security smart card products


Relying on the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other new generation of technology to develop "cloud tube, hard and soft integration" of the Internet of things industry solutions for customers
Secure connection of devices, efficient management of devices, rapid development of applications and intelligent analysis of data


Countries and regions


Operators, Banks and government agencies


Products and services benefit end users

Efficient and professional service process

Rich project practice experience to help you sort out the internal process, provide customized solutions to ensure that your project successfully online
According to the current situation of your enterprise, provide special staff training, learn system operation through on-site practice, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees
Quick response around the clock, timely solve technical problems encountered in use, promise to respond within 2 hours, and provide other service support


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